After months of negotiations, House Democrats and Republicans have finally come to an agreement to create a bipartisan commission to investigate the causes and events of the January 6th riot at Capitol Hill.

The independent commission will be styled off the independent, bipartisan commission used to investigate the 9/11 terrorist attack nearly 20 years ago, where over 3000 Americans lost their lives.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, praised both sides for finally coming to an agreement on the commission, declaring in a statement that ‘it is imperative’ that the truth is uncovered about the January 6th riot, and that a commission was needed to investigate the ‘facts, security and causes’ of the events that took place.

The Commission won’t study all political violence

After months of negotiating, it appeared that an agreement would never be put in place, with the Republicans and the Democrats disagreeing on so many issues.

However, important compromises were made from both sides, and now the commission has the green light to begin an investigation.

The Democrats were forced to give in to numerous Republican demands, yet one very important demand had to be dropped.

The majority of House Republicans want the commission to study all political violence that has become a common occurrence over the last year, from both the left and the right.

However, this point was not included in the final agreement made.

Politico states that the commission will be made up of 10 people, which will include a 50/50 split of members chosen by both parties.

They claim this will ensure that members on the commission will only be able to issue subpoenas in a bipartisan manner, requiring a majority vote from commission members. The subpoenas can also be issued via agreement from the chair and vice-chair, with the chair of the commission being picked by the Democrats.

Minority House Leader Kevin McCarthy stated that he, alongside other Republicans, wanted to broaden out the commission’s investigations to examine all causes of political violence, before stating that he is yet to see the details on the commission and that he is yet to sign off it.

He told CNN before the deal was announced that he wanted to sit down with Pelosi to ensure the commission would investigate all political violence.

Rep. John Katko, who is the highest-ranking minority member of the Homeland Security Commission, backed up McCarthy’s statement, claiming that the Capitol faces threats from ‘extremists of all ideologies.’

Republicans believe that the Democrats will use the commission in order to make former President Donald Trump look solely responsible for the violence that broke out, however, they fear that they may go further and attempt to tie in the entire Republican Party to the accusations of inciting violence.

With the media at the side of the Democrats, the findings that this commission brings forward could do serious damage to the GOP before the 2022 midterms.