If in 2019 somebody told you that a Pastor in North America, one of the most secular parts of the world, would be arrested and imprisoned for holding a service, then you would’ve thought the world was going mad, right?

Well, we’ve now reached this point, and in Canada no less!

Reverend Arthur Pawlowski, a Polish Canadian, was recorded on multiple occasions ordering police out of his church, labeling them as ‘Nazis’ and ‘psychopaths.’

These events took place over Easter weekend and then again on April 24th.

However, last weekend, the Pastor was arrested with his brother on the middle of a highway for allegedly inciting illegal gatherings.

How mad is that?

Arrested for - feeding the homeless?!

As mentioned previously, Pawlowski went viral last month for ‘shooing’ away police officers from his church on two separate occasions.

On Easter weekend, officers turned up at his church in Alberta attempting to shut down the ongoing service.

Pawlowski and other churchgoers forced them out, with the Pastor labeling the officers as ‘Nazis, communist fascists,’ after accusing them of intimidating people during Passover.

Officers came back to the church on April 24th, where Pawlowski went viral again for his confrontation with them.

He stated that he does not wish to talk to ‘Nazis,’ before labeling them as the ‘Brownshirts of Adolf Hitler.’

He stated that the officers were not allowed inside the church and that they were not welcome.

According to various sources, police came to the church that day to talk to Pawlowski regarding an accusation that he had been feeding the homeless.

What a heinous crime that is.

That brings us to last weekend when a heavily armed SWAT team arrested Pawlowski and his brother in the middle of a busy highway.

According to CTV News, the officers charged the pair with violating Alberta’s Public Health Act; for ‘holding an illegal, in-person gathering and inciting others to attend an illegal public gathering.’

The pair were released from prison at the start of this week, but Pawlowski has gone public regarding his experience and his treatment inside.

The 5-star experience

Speaking to Rebel News, Pawlowski blasted the actions of the Canadian police officers as evil.

He stated that they forced him to sit on his handcuffs for an hour on the highway during his arrest, before forcing him inside a small van to jail.

The pastor stated that, inside, he was not given a blanket or a pillow, and he was not allowed to sleep in his cell.

He continued by claiming that he was actually refused a Bible upon his first request.

Being the dangerous criminal that he is, he and his brother were then transferred to a maximum-security prison.

He states that they were put into a disgusting cell that was covered in urine.

Pawlowski laughed off the suggestion that he was arrested on public health grounds, given the inhumane treatment he received over the weekend in prison.

He believes that his release was delayed as officers were annoyed that he had challenged their authority on multiple counts.

He stated that officers on duty would often mock him and his faith, claiming they treated him like a dog.

He then offered a stark warning for the rest of the world, stating if they were coming for him then they will soon come for everyone else.

He rounded off his interview by stating that the Premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney, was an ‘evil man.’