Yesterday, the Israeli Defense Forces demolished a building in Gaza that housed news outlets such as the Associated Press and Al Jazeera, but also one of the most notorious terrorist organizations in the world.

A 12-story building with several residential apartments was completely destroyed by the airstrike performed by one of the most advanced military forces in the world.

Journalists and other occupants had fled the building an hour before the missiles struck after receiving a warning.

Mainstream media around the world decided to tell one side of the story, focusing on the claim that Israeli forces were directed against the journalistic profession and objective reporting, not mentioning Israeli evidence confirming that the building was a Hamas command center.

AP had ‘no idea’ they were sharing workspace with terrorists!

Is it possible that a reporting agency with such status and reputation, located in Gaza where Hamas is not only responsible but also the most important news topic, had no idea that the employees shared their space with terrorist group?!

Well, according to AP’s CEO, ignorance seems to flow freely in the AP’s offices!

According to a report from 2014, during the last big escalation of tensions in Gaza, the reporters working for the AP were well aware that Hamas was operating right next to them.

However, the Associated Press on Saturday denied the Israeli Government claims that Hamas was based in the Gaza media building destroyed in the air attack!

The Israeli Defense Forces suggested that Hamas and its intelligence were using the high-rise for their militia purposes and control, a claim that the Associated Press denied pointing out that they were not aware of the Hamas existence in the building.

Pruitt, the AP CEO and president refuted such claims and went ahead labeling the strike as an unbelievably upsetting development.

Israel bombed the whole place for a reason

He told the AP that a dozen freelancers and journalists were at the building and evacuated before the bombing occurred, thanks to the US administration which guaranteed journalists’ security and safety, all in agreement and cooperation with the Israeli military leadership.

In a telephone call, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel will do whatever it can to stop hurting non-combatants while battling Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza.

An explanation as to why Israel decided to take down the whole building was argued on the premise that Hamas facilities in the building could not be brought down individually because they occupied various floors and the floors could not be taken down solely.

Regardless, Pruitt acknowledged that he was shocked that the Israeli military is targeting and destroying the AP housing office and other news agencies in Gaza, claiming that they lost a lot that would show the world the real truth.