Mark Brnovich, the Attorney General of Arizona, has asked Joe Biden to fire Vice President Kamala Harris as his border czar and replace her with someone else. In justification, he cites weeks of what he calls “absolutely abysmal” performance in trying to enforce our nation’s immigration laws and manage the massive and still-unfolding migrant crisis at the border.

Brnovich’s request and the stinging incitements that it contains came in a letter that he wrote and addressed to Joe Biden on Wednesday, May 13.

Kamala Should Be Fired

AG Brnovich opened his letter by stating: “The crisis at our southern border has been escalating since January and is now clearly a catastrophe and tragedy in the making.

Like many Americans, I was encouraged by your March 24 appointment of Vice President Kamala Harris to lead the efforts to stem the tidal wave of illegal migration into our country. However, to date, her response to the border crisis has been absolutely abysmal, so I am requesting that she be replaced as your ‘border czar.’”

It’s not clear exactly why Brnovich says that he was “encouraged” by the fact that Harris was appointed border czar. After all, it’s far from a secret that she is utterly contemptuous of American immigration law — though not, it must be said, for the usual ideological reasons that are common with the left. A close study of her career, as DA of San Francisco, as California AG, and as a Senator, reveals that she really has no ideology.

Her one and only commitment throughout has been to do whatever is necessary to allow her to keep and expand her power.

Therefore, she is willing to sway in any direction that the wind happens to be blowing. When the relevant constituencies favored policies that were tough on crime, Harris was an absolutely ruthless prosecutor who did anything necessary to secure convictions — including convicting people of crimes on the basis of false or planted evidence. And when the relevant constituencies favor open borders, she is happy to pretend that immigration law doesn’t exist.

Under her watch, illegal border crossings have absolutely exploded. In fact, in April of 2021 alone, about 175,000 South and Central American migrants — and even a few Iranians and probably terrorist sympathizers — were apprehended illegally trying to enter the United States.

Instead of being swiftly deported, these people were held for processing at detention facilities and then given documents, money, and plane tickets to set them up to live in cities across America.

Of course, Harris should be fired — not only from her position as border czar but from the very Vice Presidency itself. Sadly, this will not happen.

Though the border crisis that she and Biden have allowed to fester is exceptionally dangerous for America, it is advantageous to them. By simply importing more Democratic voters from foreign nations, Democrats can effectively rig elections for now until forever, thus no longer having to even bother offering the American people something that is good for them.

This is the endgame.