An inspection of the November state House election results in Windham, New Hampshire, took place on Tuesday.

According to the New Hampshire Public Radio, the audit discovered a staggering 400 vote difference between the total number of votes reported on Election Night and the number counted during a recount directed by the state several weeks later.

Mark Lindeman, a member of the team that supervised the audit, told reporters that he found the pattern odd and potentially unprecedented.

An inspection of the confusing election results

The AccuVote optical scanning machines, used during the Election Night to count the votes, were perceived as the main culprits for the differences in results.

The machines, first manufactured by Unisyn and then by Global Elections Systems Inc., utilized the Global Election Management software to count the votes.

The intellectual property of both the software and the machines is now being owned by Dominion Voting Systems, known for its widespread and occasionally disputed use in other states.

The audit process involved live streaming, which allowed for transparency and was performed without disturbances on the first day.

On the second day, live streaming cameras malfunctioned, resulting in 90 minutes of outage.

The audit process was repeated a day later so that anyone interested could see it without interruption.

Support from the former President

Former President Donald Trump commented on the Windham audit, praising the inspectors for their efforts to find the truth about the alleged Election Fraud.

In a statement released on his website, the former President stood up for the election transparency and applauded the media outlets that are not ‘fake news.’

Trump concluded his statement by once again describing the 2020 general election as ‘the most corrupt one in the U.S. history.’

A reason for the audit had to do with a discrepancy between the results Kristi St. Laurent, a Democratic candidate for the state House, received on Election Night and after the recount was performed.

On the day of the election, Laurent was reported to have received only 24 votes less than her Republican opponents.

However, the recount showed that she was 420 votes short of other candidates.

The recount also revealed that the Republicans were undercounted during the initial count!

Problems with AccuVote could drastically affect the results!

When asked to explain the differential outcomes, the local Election Moderator Betty Dunn denied any wrongdoing and said that town officials should not be considered guilty too quickly.

St. Laurent, on the other hand, described the discrepancy as ‘bizarre’ and filed the petition to prompt the state Ballot Law Commission to review the votes.

She added that either the programming of machines involved wrong calculations or the recount process included significant double counting.

She emphasized that no explanation shows how her count could have fallen so much.

Some media outlets pointed out that, since New Hampshire only uses AccuVote machines, problems with only one of these machines could significantly affect the results of each election held in the state.

It would include the 2020 general election in New Hampshire, which officially ended up with Biden receiving 52.9 percent of the votes.

Trump, on the other hand, got 45.5 percent.