The drug trafficking and sex trafficking business of Mexican cartels has started to boom since Joe Biden took office as President of the United States in January 2021, according to Ed Calderon, a former police officer who spent a great part of his life fighting the cartel in Tijuana.

Presently a legal immigrant in the US, Calderon has told Shawn Ryan in a petrifying interview that sex trafficking is “a booming business” at the US-Mexican border.

During his 12 years of service on the police force in the city of Tijuana, right south of San Diego, California, the Mexican ex-officer says he has “seen it all” when it comes to combating egregious large-scale organized crime on the southern border.

Trump leaving the office was the best thing that happened to cartel leaders

In particular, Calderon underscores how the Mexican drug cartels enjoyed a great boost when Joe Biden replaced Donald Trump as America’s President in January.

In his words, Trump’s departure from the White House has presented plentiful opportunities for illegal immigrants to cross the southern border and make it to the US.

The change since Biden has taken over has been so significant as to bring about a drug and sex trafficking boom right now, Calderon states.

The former Tijuana police officer makes clear his understanding that the drug cartels are a terrorist organization that has overwhelmed the Mexican state.

He is convinced the US government ought to pronounce Mexico a “failed state” over the latter’s inability to exert control over its own border.

What is more, as a result of that failure, Mexican cartels have become transnational, selling drugs directly in the streets of American cities.

Biden is accountable!

Calderon urged Americans to seek accountability from the Biden administration, especially with respect to the actual use of funds supposed to be spent on the drug war at the border.

That is all the more necessary as Biden is officially preying upon US healthcare money shifting it to the accommodation of illegal immigrants.

In his more than a decade of fighting against cartels, Calderon studied in detail the drug criminals’ modes of scamming, kidnapping, and murder.

In some cases, he saw cartel members capture suspected snitches, who were then strung up to be questioned and tortured to death.

Based on that experience, the former Tijuana police officer developed what he jokingly calls “Ed’s Manifesto”, a small book in which he recorded techniques to evade capture or escape from restraints.

The copious lessons from his years of tackling cartel crime have turned Calderon into a popular instructor on counter-custody and improvised weapons.