The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty (CARL), an advocacy group of U.S. military chaplains, has declared itself in defense of Maj. Andrew Calvert, a military minister, who is being investigated for what is described as “anti-transgender” comments.

In January, Calvert wrote on the Facebook page of a military journal, the Army Times, expressing his wonderings, or, better yet, rhetorical questions, as to whether rejecting one’s biology did not make that person mentally ill and thus not qualified to serve in the US military.

He further compared transgenderism to the beliefs of the flat-earthers who also reject reality despite the existing evidence disproving them.

Calvert also criticized what he said was a waste of funding and resources of the military dedicated to transgenderism.

Calvert did nothing wrong

The military minister’s comments, which were made on the abolition of President Donald Trump’s ban of transgender service members, came to the attention of the Security Force Assistance Command (SFAC).

The SFAC’s job is to support the policies implemented by the Department of Defense, the Defense Secretary, and the Commander-in-Chief.

Shortly after taking over, on January 23, 2021, America’s first black Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, endorsed transgenderism in the military.

In its press release in defense of Maj. Andrew Calvert, however, the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty emphasized that at the time of his post, Chaplain Calvert’s statements were absolutely in line with the existing policy of the Department of Defense.

Additionally, the advocacy group points out that the stance was also in accordance with Calvert’s religious beliefs, and the beliefs of the overwhelming majority of religious groups in the country.

In the statement, Bishop Derek Jones, Executive Director of Chaplain Alliance, defends the right to a “freedom of conscience”, describing it as the holiest of beliefs of all Americans, and an indisputable Constitutional right.

Jones stresses further that Calvert’s beliefs are under the protection of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, which has been supported numerous times by court rules in favor of religious expression.

The Alliance subsequently insists that the senior leadership of the US Army make an intervention in order to remove all charges and non-judicial measures against Maj. Andrew Calvert.

It concludes by warning the US military against allowing the persistence of “this travesty”, which could cause the rise of anti-religious bigotry in its ranks.