LGBTQ Organization Bans Police and Corrections Officers From Events

There will be no police and corrections officers welcome at the upcoming New York City Pride events. The LGBTQ organization announced that these law enforcement officials are no longer welcome at the events. The group said that the ban is in place to provide “safer spaces” for its marginalized people.

What Will Security for the Events Look Like?

The Pride organization also said that it was planning to hire private security guards as well as first responders to staff the upcoming events. The group said that it did not want official law enforcement to convey a threatening vibe in the community, thus the decision to move to a private model of security.

Law Enforcement Reacts

This decision has been met with criticism on both sides of the issue. Detective Brian Downey, president of the NYPD’s Gay Officers Action League (GOAL), reminded New York City Pride that its police officers have been marching alongside the mission of LGBTQ rights for almost 40 years. In fact, GOAL has always been supported by the LGBTQ community precisely because it has also encouraged and secured these events.

Others have criticized the decision because it is a fact that there are also gay police officers. Downey said that he has used his position of power to give other more vulnerable people in the LGBTQ community a chance to voice their opinions without fear.

It is difficult to understand how banning police officers will make a large public event safer. It is also hard to imagine parade-goers seriously feeling threatened by the presence of law enforcement there to protect everyone.