Pamela Ahlstedt-Brown, a white disabled female Army veteran, was assaulted last Sunday at a grocery store parking lot in Louisville, Kentucky, in an apparent racist attack involving four black women.

Since the victim is white, the story appears to have been barely covered by local media.

However, a WAVE-TV report has shown Ahlstedt-Brown in the aftermath of the incident.

The attack occurred when the Army veteran was leaving a parking lot of a Kroger supermarket – her car was blocked by a vehicle while she was backing out of a disabled space.

F* you, you white b**

She got out and asked the people in the car behind hers if they needed any help but received an indecent reply garnished with a racial slur: “F* you, you white b**.”

Ahlstedt-Brown says she decided to ignore the insult and get back in her car but the four black women who were in the other vehicle threw a cup at her, and then got out and started beating her.

She fell down and cringed in the fetal position to protect her head and eyes.

The attackers were eventually stopped by bystanders but Ahlstedt-Brown’s nose got broken.

The security personnel of the Kroger supermarket didn’t intervene.

The Army veteran says she could have easily been killed, and somebody not as strong as her would have faced a higher risk for their lives in the same situation.

Ahlstedt-Brown’s husband, Edward revealed the shock and horror their children experienced upon seeing their mother return home after she had been beaten up.

Edward Brown is black and the couple’s children are biracial.

The Browns shared their fears that the attack against the white Army veteran was racially motivated, which seems self-explanatory considering the racial insult.

Ahlstedt-Brown unable to obtain surveillance camera footage

The family says they are disappointed over how the Louisville Metro Police Department is investigating the incident, including because they have been prevented from receiving security camera footage from Kroger.

Ahlstedt-Brown went back to the store on the same day of the assault in order to get the footage, and her daughter later called the police for the same reason.

They were first told they could get it from Kroger but then it turned out to be in hands of a detective.

An LMPD spokesman told a small local edition, the Independent Chronicle, that the case was under investigation, and the courts were to decide whether it could be classified as a hate crime; for the time being, it is considered an assault.

The seemingly racially motivated assault has only been reported by some conservative media, and their coverage is mostly based on WAVE’s original story.

It is also unknown why the Kroger security footage has not been released, or why the Kroger security personnel didn’t intervene.

The specifics of the case, however, indicate that if the demographics had been different, it would have probably received plentiful mainstream media attention – never mind that the alleged victim is already a disabled female Army veteran.