The Murder Case That Captivated the World

It has been 18 years since Laci Peterson disappeared just weeks before she was set to give birth to her first child. Her husband, Scott, was eventually convicted of the murder of Laci and their unborn son. The story captivated the world, putting the various family members in the spotlight as the trial grabbed headlines.

Where Are Scott’s Parents Today?

A new episode on the ABC News program “20/20” has put the case back in the forefront, updating viewers on the status of Scott’s family members as he continues to serve a life sentence in prison. The episode, “One Last Chance: The Trial of Scott Peterson,” originally aired on May 14 and is now available to stream on

It is easy to understand how the murder trial and subsequent conviction took a great toll on Scott’s family, particularly his parents. Scott’s mother, Jackie, passed away in 2013 after battling cancer. Many people remember the haunting images of Jackie attending Scott’s trial with a breathing tube in her nose.

Janay Peterson, Scott’s sister-in-law, also recently gave an interview hinting about the mental state of her father-in-law, Lee. Janey said that Lee is having a difficult time dealing with what their family perceives to be a great injustice.

Continuing the Fight

It has been 16 years since the conviction. However, family members are still maintaining Scott’s innocence as they fight for his case to be overturned.

The family claims that they have new evidence that will prove Scott’s innocence. It is their hope that Scott will be granted a new trial to present this evidence to a jury.