Legendary Actor and Comedian Paul Mooney Passes Away on May 19

The entertainment world is mourning the loss of the writer, actor and comedian Paul Mooney. According to Mooney’s representative, Cassandra Williams, he passed away at the age of 79 on May 19. Mooney enjoyed an amazing career as an acclaimed performer on both the stage and screen.

Mooney’s Married Life

Mooney married Yvonne Carothers in 1973, best known for her role in the 1977 hit film “Which Way is Up?” She also enjoyed a career in modeling. However, the marriage did not go the long haul with the pair divorcing later in life.

Mooney’s Children

While the marriage did not last, the pair brought five children into the world as a result of their union.

Dwayne Mooney, Spring Mooney, Symeon Mooney, Daryl Mooney, and Shane Mooney were Mooney’s greatest joys. Unfortunately, Symeon passed away in 2001.

Spring took to Twitter shortly after his father’s passing to lament the terrible news. In an emotional tweet, Spring shared how broken he was about the loss of his father.

Connection to Richard Pryor

What many people may not know is that Mooney had a profound connection to the iconic comedian Richard Pryor. Mooney wrote many of Pryor’s most famous comedy routines, including bits on the albums, “… Is It Something I Said?” and “Live on the Sunset Strip.” Mooney also was a head writer on “The Richard Pryor Show.”

In addition, Mooney had the distinction of serving as a writer on the cult-favorite television program, “In Living Color.”

Dave Chappelle also reacted to the death of Mooney, saying that he will make sure that Mooney is properly remembered and honored.