The US Capitol Police Department has officially denied all involvement in a letter that has been doing the rounds throughout Congress, a letter that denounces the opposition to the recently passed January 6th commission from the GOP Congress leadership.

Both Minority Leader’s, Senator Mitch McConnell and Representative Kevin McCarthy have expressed doubts regarding the 9/11-styled commission, which is set to investigate the events, causes, and effects of the January 6th Capitol Hill riot.

The letter, which expresses disappointment at the GOP leadership, was written by a number of Capitol police officers, yet the department has now denied all official involvement.

The mystery of the letter

The letter originally emerged online on Wednesday, just before the January 6th commission was approved by the House of Representatives.

The letter does appear to have been written on official USCP stationary but the department still denies all knowledge and involvement.

Taking to the official USCP Twitter account, the department quickly denied the letter’s contents before stating that they take no official stance on policy and that the letter is not an official statement from the department.

However, that didn’t stop Democrat Representative Jamie Raskin from distributing the letter throughout Congress.

CBS reports that a spokesperson from Raskin’s office claims that the officer who wrote the letter stated that it represents the views of ‘around 50’ different police officers within the department.

CNN reports that they have spoken directly to the author, but cannot verify if other police officers support the contents.

The USCP employs roughly 2000 officers and civilians.

The commission will only investigate the crimes of the right

Raskin stated to CBS himself that he believes the letter represents the views of many officers that are currently employed by the USCP.

He acknowledged that they’re not supposed to be political, yet mentioned that this commission will be something that affects them and feel the need to voice their opinion regarding the GOP opposition.

Minority Leaders McConnell and McCarthy oppose the commission in its current form as it only investigates political violence from the right.

The official GOP stance in negotiations was that they wanted the commission to investigate all forms of political violence, including the summer of riots in 2020 and beyond from the Black Lives Matter movement.

Naturally, the Democrats opposed this, assumingly not wanting to incriminate many of their own members for supporting and taking part in said violence last year.

The author of the letter expressed their ‘profound disappointment’ for the GOP opposition, stating that members should not ‘downplay’ the events of January 6th, a riot that the author claims left many officers ‘with months of physical trauma and mental anguish.’