New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and CNN host Chris Cuomo are a unique duo, a politician and journalist brother set, the likes of which has never been seen before.

However, this can lead to some sticky situations for both parties when one crosses the line.

Governor Cuomo is currently in the middle of numerous scandals; with the two main being multiple sexual assault allegations as well as a massive coverup of Covid-19 facts and data in the state of New York.

Being his brother, Chris Cuomo naturally felt the need to help him out, however, this landed him in some very hot water, and his half-baked apology live on CNN on Thursday did not do much to ease the criticism.

The Cuomo apology

Taking to his show, Cuomo Prime Time, the younger of the two brothers took two minutes out of his reporting to apologize to his audience and his work colleagues for the stories that had recently broke about him.

Multiple news sources reported on Thursday morning that Chris had been advising his older brother on how to combat the sexual assault allegations that had been circling around him over these last few months.

He reportedly advised his brother not to resign, and it was even revealed that the journalist had been present in multiple conference calls involving the Governor and members of his administration.

CNN stated that the actions of their employee were ‘inappropriate,’ but he will not be facing further disciplinary action.

Cuomo opened his apology by reminding his audience that, in March 2021, he promised that he would not provide any coverage of his brother’s ongoing scandals, as he couldn’t be objective.

He stated how loyal he is to his family, assuming the same to many fans and colleagues alike.

He continued by claiming that, being a journalist and a brother to a politician, presents him a ‘unique challenge’ and a ‘unique responsibility’ to balance both sides of his life, yet he reiterated that his family comes first.

He then promised that he would not be present in any more conference calls with his brother, and apologized for putting his colleagues and his network ‘in a bad spot,’ before claiming that he has never once presented or attempted to alter news regarding his brother from a biased perspective.

This is where his apology falls apart.

The apologetic lies

At the end of his apology, Christ Cuomo claims that he has never attempted to influence CNN’s coverage of the Governor, nor has he presented news on his brother in a biased way.

However, this is a massive lie.

Last year, as the pandemic began breaking out across all the states in America, Chris produced and presented biased coverage regarding his brother’s handling of the virus in the state of New York.

He presented Governor Cuomo as the ‘hero of the pandemic,’ whilst even allowing his brother to appear on numerous shows, where they would share light-hearted conversation and make jokes.

However, both Chris and CNN knew that Governor Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic was woeful, as he moved sick nursing home patients from hospitals and back into their homes, allowing the virus to spread through the most vulnerable population.

Yet, they turned their backs on the facts, just allow the Governor to get his 15 minutes of fame.

That last line of his apology proved that both he and his network have no so-called ‘journalistic standards’ whatsoever, as they presented biased coverage on a Governor that was doing a terrible job.

Now, after the reports and the apology came out, numerous women’s right groups are calling for CNN to sack the younger brother, believing that he strategized with his older brother against the sexual assault allegations in order to protect his family, rather than the women who had been allegedly abused by the Governor.