In any workplace, seniority comes with its perks. With enough time on the job, you become a mainstay at your company, you become great at your job, you learn various tricks of the trade, you come to be trusted and seen as reliable by your employer, and generally, your colleagues all respect you.

And when pour decades of your life and effort into your job, understandably, you come to see yourself as deserving of these perks. One of these, of course, is a reasonable amount of vacation time. After all, if you work for decades at a company, it’s completely reasonable to expect that that company will reward you with the right to take a rest every now and then.

One man, however, who put 40 years of dedicated service into his workplace, one day experienced a rude awakening. The company he worked for was sold, came under new management, and, as a result, his vacation days were severely cut.

Recently, a Reddit user named Rusticwhiskey told the great story of how one stalwart employee was able to get revenge over this gross injustice.

“Have Fun Replacing Me”

As Rusticwhiskey tells the story, he worked for a company that gave generous amounts of vacation time. The original policy was that, as a reward for 25 years of continuous employment, everyone hitting that milestone would receive eight weeks of vacation time and two additional weeks of personal time.

One man, whom he calls Jimmy, was a grizzled vet with 43 years of work at the company under his belt. Jimmy also had a very specific skill that was essential to the functioning to the company. He knew how to make a critical part necessary for the company’s product. Only one other employee in a company of more than 250 knew how to make this part.

Then, one day, the company’s owner, himself an old man who is eager to retire, announces that he will be selling the company to a large corporation, but assures everyone that things will go on basically as normal under the new management.

Alas, that wasn’t what happened. Immediately, the new owners slashed the maximum allowable vacation time to a mere four weeks. Anyone who was maxed out with the old ten weeks of vacation time had to use it by the end of the year or lose it entirely. Moreover, they also fired the one employee other than Jimmy who can make the critical part mentioned above, along with a few other workers who were close to retirement.

Then, they hire a young kid and ask Jimmy to train him, with the likely intention of soon firing Jimmy.

As you can imagine, Jimmy was furious.

But if you wanted to use your vacation time, you could simply do so without calling in advance. Jimmy decided to use this to get revenge.

On the day he was supposed to begin training the new recruit, Jimmy decided to use all 10 of his accumulated vacation weeks.

In the meantime, however, Jimmy found a new job and went straight to work there. When his 10 weeks had expired, he simply left his old job without training the new guy.

Now, the company couldn’t make any more of its all-important parts. Management flipped out. Jimmy was eventually able to negotiate a seven-figure contract with them to teach someone else how to make the parts.

Awesome. Serves them right.