Interrupting people and attacking them, whether physically or verbally, while they are peacefully trying to enjoy a meal is barbaric. Behavior like that should not be tolerated in a civilized society.

BLM and Antifa have already done this very thing countless times at various restaurants throughout the country, and they always look boorish and crazy whenever they do it. Normal people, who are simply going about their lives and are not bothering anyone, are not going to be won over by such behavior. Quite the opposite.

Now that a fresh paroxysm of violent conflict has broken out yet again in Gaza and the West Bank, supporters of the Palestinian cause have taken up this same reprehensible tactic and have started harassing Jewish restaurant patrons in New York City for being Jewish.

Civility Appears to Be Dead

On the night of Thursday, May 20, pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian demonstrators both clashed in the Diamond District of midtown Manhattan, a prominent Jewish business district in New York City.

As might be expected, things quickly became extremely heated and Jewish restaurant patrons in the area, simply trying to enjoy their food, were caught in the crossfire. Videos of this incident were posted all over social media and show pro-Palestinian protestors spitting on Jewish restaurant-goers and hurling profanities at them.

Other video shows a fight breaking out between people carrying Palestinian flags and Jews in the Diamond District.

Still another video shows what appear to be fireworks being set off by pro-Palestinian activists. As a result, one 55-year-old woman suffered burns to her back.

Similar incidents took place in Los Angeles. There, an anti-semitic hate crime is alleged to have taken place in which Jewish diners were attacked at a sushi restaurant. The LAPD are currently investigating the matter.

Responding to all of this, Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said, “Disturbing vides appear to show vile verbal assaults and fireworks directed at Jews. Other reports of violence are coming in. We are in touch with law enforcement. While we await more information, let’s be clear: targeting Jews is #antisemitism.”

Both Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti and the NYPD have condemned and pledged to investigate the violent incidents that have occurred in their respective cities.

This is truly a dismal state of affairs, but sadly, it is par for the course in contemporary America. What can we say other than that civility appears to be dead?

Even worse, all of these events have occurred after Israel and Hamas have both declared a mutual cease-fire.