Children can and do bring incredible amounts of joy to many people, but parenthood isn’t for everyone. Some people just plain do not want kids — and that’s okay.

Reddit’s massive community of 32.3 million strong on AskReddit was asked why those who never wanted children didn’t want them.

Here were some of the brutally honest replies.

Blunt Honesty From Folks Who Don’t Want Kids

  1. One redditor summed things up in an inimitably plain way: “I enjoy money and silence.”

  2. Another didn’t feel the need to justify his private life decisions to the world at all and simply stated that he didn’t want kids. And that was that.

  1. Yet another person perceived something backward about having to justify why one doesn’t want kids. He felt that it’s the desire to have kids that should be justified, and in his case, he simply couldn’t find a reason to have them.

  2. Another redditor gave a more prudent reason: Since mental illness runs in her family, she just doesn’t want to risk passing that burden on.

  3. One person was honest enough to admit that he was simply too mentally unstable to be a good parent. Many others seemed to echo that sentiment.

  4. In a moment of admirable candor, another redditor admitted that he simply did not have the patience to deal with kids and give them what they require.

  1. One especially pessimistic, though brutally honest, reply to the thread put it this way: “The world is stupid, corrupt, full of assholes. Why would I want to bring anyone into this mess?”

  2. One woman decided to respond to this question with some biting sarcasm: She talked about “your vagina getting ripped during childbirth,” changing diapers, never being able to get a rest, the financial strain that children can put on you and then just said, “Seriously, what is there to like?”

  3. Another person’s concerns — also shared by many — had to do with climate change and overpopulation.

  4. A few people also discussed how they were the eldest in their group of siblings. Since they essentially had to take of their younger brothers and sisters, they had already had a case of what parenthood might be like, and they decided that they wanted any more of it.