Texas State Senate Passes Bill to Prevent Teaching of Critical Race Theory

The Texas State Senate was working over the weekend, passing a bill on Saturday that will ban the state’s schools from requiring that educators teach the tenets of critical race theory. The bill first passed the Texas House of Representatives on May 11. The legislation will now be passed to Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his approval.

More About the Bill

The cornerstone of the bill emphasizes the importance of educators teaching about the history of the U.S. by using original documents. These documents include the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Federalist Papers.

The bill also mandates that instructors cannot be forced by any school administration or state or local agency to discuss current events with students. This includes the discussion of current controversial issues or social affairs. The bill goes on to stipulate that when the teachers choose to discuss these issues, they must explore the topics from every angle without offering their own personal biases.

What About Critical Race Theory

While the teachings of critical race theory are not explicitly stated in the bill, the implications are widely implied. The bill forbids educators from teaching that any race or sex is superior to another as well as the idea that any individual is inherently racist or sexist.

Opposition to the Bill

Although the state Republican government leaders are largely in support of the bill, there are a handful of people and organizations throughout Texas that have expressed their opposition to the legislation. This includes the Association of Professional Educators and the more liberal school districts scattered throughout the state.