For many years, left-wing activists have insisted that police across the country be required to wear body cameras. They often spoke — and still do speak — in hysterical terms about an alleged “epidemic” of police violence around the country, particularly against non-white people.

But now that police are wearing body cameras in a great many jurisdictions, the left is beginning to realize that they may have gotten more than they bargained for. They are beginning to realize that reality is far more complicated than they imagine it to be.

They are starting to see that body cameras are a double-edged sword that can be used to expose the lies behind their own narratives just as well as they can be used to expose police abuses.

And the left doesn’t like that one bit.

Police Body Cams Expose the Truth

In the last few years, left-wing politicians and activists have poured enormous amounts of time and money into the effort to make police body cameras standard across the country. To give just one example, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio hunted for federal funding to accomplish that goal in his city back in 2014, and then-president Obama was happy to oblige him by offering him $263 million.

Current New York Attorney General Letitia James was also a tireless crusader for this cause years ago, even dating back to when she was only a mere public advocate. She even suggested that making police wear cameras would ultimately save the city money.

De Blasio, James, Obama and countless others were all convinced that police were unjustly picking on non-white people, oppressing them, accusing them of crimes they did not commit, arresting and harassing them without cause, beating them without provocation, and so on. They were convinced that if police were only made to wear body cameras, waves of vile police sadism would be revealed for all to see. They all confidently declared that body cameras would reveal the truth.

And reveal the truth they most certainly did. But the truth is not what leftists have imagined it to be. And so, predictably, they have begun souring on the idea of police wearing body cameras.

Although some police abuses have undoubtedly been revealed and justly punished as a result of body cam footage, far more often, what happens instead is that one hysterical claim after another of arbitrary police “racism” is exploded and refuted as soon as body cam footage is released.

The unfortunate truth, however much the left may squirm to deny it, is that the police have more interactions between non-white people because crime in these communities are often shockingly high. And when police do respond violently, this is nearly always due to the behavior of those with whom they are interacting.

An exhaustive study done by the Washington D.C. Metro police department on the subject of police body cams and police brutality found that we “should not expect dramatic reductions in documented uses of force or complaints” after police start wearing body cams.

And why should we not expect that? Because a significant number of police brutality accusations are based on outright lies.

The left has spread a meme about rampant police brutality throughout the culture. The result has largely been that grifters have realized that they can exploit the gullible by whining about police abuses.