Bowing at long last to the indignant fury of parents across the country, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten has finally declared that she and her organization now support reopening all public schools in the fall.

But of course, as should be abundantly clear, nothing is ever as it seems when one is dealing with political hacks. If it is true of Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden, it is no less true of Weingarten herself.

Despite there being no evidence whatsoever to support the claim that children are significant vectors for the spread of COVID-19, and despite all existing evidence strongly indicating that school-age children are almost completely invulnerable to the disease, Weingarten still wants kids to wear masks while back in school.

They Don’t Care About the Kids

It has recently emerged that people like Weingarten have actually been advising the Biden Administration on how to set its school policies. The teachers’ unions are the ones who are ultimately behind the fact that schools remain closed in much of the country for no legitimate reason.

Even more absurdly, Weingarten had reacted with indignation when it was suggested to her that this fact reveals a conflict of interest. The fact that she doesn’t see anything wrong with dictating school policy to politicians means that she’s been doing it for a long time.

And of course, it goes without saying that this is all grievously harming kids — particularly younger ones.

Not being allowed to socialize with other children — or being forced to stay behind a mask when they do — severely retards children’s social development. Even the children themselves, like ten-year-old John Provenzano, have been complaining about not being able to see their friends’ faces and no knowing who anyone is while at school.

The Truth About Schools and Unions Comes Out

The simple fact of the matter is that teachers’ unions are doing this because they can.

Randi Weingarten is the leader and public face of a cartel of grifters that is keeping the children of this nation hostage because its members are too lazy to get back to work.

Despite the patent idiocy and irrationality behind the “arguments” for keeping schools closed, the fact that they have been may actually be a blessing in disguise. Millions of parents have now become acquainted with Critical Race Theory and its evils.

Moreover, in school districts across the country, parents have been lodging furious complaints after learning that many schools have been teaching their children what can only be described as overt sexual propaganda. They have learned that schools are exposing elementary-school-age children to drag queens and are retiring them to read sexually explicit “literature” in classes.

If schooling had not shifted online, parents could have never discovered these things. Their kids would have been indoctrinated underneath their own noses, and they would never have known it.

Now, parents are demanding change. They are beginning to demand that this filth stop. Those who are not are pulling their children out of public school and either sending them to a private school or are homeschooling them. And since public schooling has long been one of the left’s main tools for changing the culture, this can only be a good thing.