A scandal broke out in Bartram Trail High school in Central Florida as the inspection arrived at the school to investigate the alleged dress code offenses of 31 girls who ‘revealed too much of their chest’ with their clothing!

The school administrators reportedly started an inspection on March 26th, when they checked the wardrobes and even lined the girls up to see whether their shirts expose too much of their midriff area.

Inspection over dress code violations

The school district is known for its strict guidelines regarding the dress code, stating that shirts and tops should cover entire shoulders.

According to the school, clothing should be modest, particularly paying attention not to reveal too much or be distracting.

The school officials said that 31 dress code violations in a day were an unusually high number for their school, particularly given that only 3,000 students attend the school at any given time.

School Services Senior Director Paul Abbatinozzi told reporters that anyone from the school could have attended the inspection.

He added that Principal Chris Phelps warned parents several days before the inspection that any student who violates the dress code would be required to change their clothes or be issued a detention.

Parents and students rising up

Several students and their parents protested against the strict dress rules imposed by Bartram.

One of the parents who rose is Taryn O’Keefe, whose daughter Riley started an online petition at Change.org, calling for the change of school’s rules.

The petition has received over 6,000 signatures so far.

Riley O’Keefe told reporters that at least one of her friends experienced a panic attack during the inspection.

Parents from other students revealed that their daughters suffered from similar issues.

Adrian Bartlett, a mother of a girl who attends the school, said that her daughter developed body image issues due to the pressure she felt at school.

The mother explained that her daughter started feeling ashamed because of her ‘naturally-developing body.’

Nancy Tray, a mother of three kids at the school, emphasized that the school should not manage what the students should wear.

She also called for a more ‘gender neutral’ approach to the issue.

Editing the yearbook

Just a few days ago, Bartram school made headlines again after it was revealed that the school administration edited over 80 photographs of female students.

The edited photographs were meant to comprise the school’s yearbook.

It was reported that no girl gave consent about the editing.

However, it seems that the Bartram school would hardly give up on its strict policies.

Since online petitions rarely make any significant changes, it remains to be seen whether students and parents would do anything else.