Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis gracefully managed to gain the upper hand in an exchange with a mainstream media reporter who tried to portray a new state law tackling censorship by big tech social media as a kind of a “present” to ex-President Donald Trump.

Florida’s new SB 7072 law full text of the law available here was signed by Gov. DeSantis on Monday at a special ceremony at Florida International University in Miami, which is where the exchange with the Miami Herald reporter took place.

The ceremony was attended by Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nuñez, state legislators, and media reporters covering the event.

Once he signed the bill into law, DeSantis took questions on a wide range of topics, including, among others, the teaching of “critical race theory” in Florida’s school, which he staunchly opposes.

The new law stipulates fines and other measures against big tech social media companies such as Facebook or Twitter if they de-platform, that is, ban Floridian political candidates.

The law has come as a reaction to the “de-platforming” of President Donald Trump from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and Google’s YouTube.

Mainstream media vs. Ron DeSantis

For a long time now, Ron DeSantis has been viciously assaulted by liberal mainstream media.

There are two main reasons he has been a prime target for such ill-intentioned coverage.

The first one is the fact that as a popular government of a Republican-dominated “red” state, his somewhat softer but more prudent approach to tackling the COVID-19 pandemic has been far more successful than the needlessly draconian and much less efficient measures by Democratic governors.

The second reason for being hated by the cohort of liberal MSM is the fact that DeSantis has been a loyal and close ally of President Donald Trump, not just throughout the Trump presidency but also after that.

The exchange that the Florida government had with a Miami Herald reporter over the insinuated connection between Trump and the state’s new anti-big tech law is just another demonstration of how much the liberal MSM hate the former President, and how much of that hatred they have been directing towards DeSantis.

The exchange

The particular reporter asked the governor whether, as Donald Trump is now a resident of the state of Florida and since he had been de-platformed, the law against big tech censorship wasn’t “for him.”

The liberal MSM journalist also didn’t forget to mention that DeSantis has been a loyal Trump supporter.

The governor was quick to react by once again stating categorically what he already had, namely, that the new law is for “everyday Floridians” and “any Floridian” who might be impacted by big tech censorship.

DeSantis, however, didn’t stop there.

He went on to ask rhetorically as to how it was possible to de-platform the US President while allowing people such as Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei to use the said platforms to propagate the killing of Jews.

The governor’s reaction was met with an ovation.

He could be seen smiling, and right after that he thanked the attendees, and left the podium, effectively shutting up the ill-intentioned reporter.

DeSantis thus once more drove home a point long predating Trump’s rise to the conservative center stage – that Twitter and other social media have been applying their rules selectively, greatly disadvantaging conservatives and favoring liberals.