The fall from grace of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in November of 2017 over a panoply of credible sexual assault allegations set off a domino effect of similar accusations across Hollywood, revealing just how sleazy Tinseltown really is. The resulting movement was given names like #MeToo and #TimesUp.

One of those whose careers were probably justly destroyed by this was actor Kevin Spacey. But because no amount of chutzpah can ever be enough for the narcissists in Hollywood, Spacey appears to be trying to stage a comeback.

Mind you, this is coming years after Spacey was credibly accused of being a serial pedophile. Actor Anthony Rapp accused him of making sexual advances toward him back in 1986 when Rapp was only 14.

Boston anchorwoman Heather Unruh has also accused Spacey of sexually assaulting her son back in July of 2016. There are many other creepy rumors and accusations surrounding Spacey besides these.

Spacey was scrubbed from the hit Netflix show House of Cards because of these allegations.

According to ABC News, however, Spacey has just booked a new film role for himself. He will be starring in a film called “L’uomo Che Disegno Dio,” which translates to “The Man Who Drew God.” The film will be directed by Franco Nero, an ironically appropriate surname for the director given the actions that Spacey has been accused of engaging in.

Kevin Spacey Is Back?

Speaking to ABC News, Nero said, “I’m very happy Kevin agreed to participate in my film. I consider him a great actor and can’t wait to start the movie.” However, when one examines Spacey’s role more closely, it seems that he will only be making what amounts to a cameo appearance in that film.

The good news for American audiences is that this is an Italian film, and very few Americans are likely to see it.