The show “Morning Show Mysteries” has been one of the mainstays of the Hallmark Channel. The show centers around a Seattle-based TV chef and restaurant owner named Billie Blessings — played by Holly Robinson Peete — who solves murders and various other crimes.

One of the mainstays of “Morning Show Mysteries,” however, has been actor Rick Fox. Fox plays Ian Jackson, the police detective who leads the show’s homicide unit and Blessings’ indispensable partner.

Fans of the show were happy to know that it returned to TV back on April 10. However, the return commenced without Rick Fox.

Where is Fox? Why has he left the show? Why did the show going on a hiatus before oddly parting ways with him?

Ironically, it all seems to be… a mystery.

But for interested and concerned fans of Morning Show Mysteries, here is what we know so far about the reasons for Fox’s departure.

The Rick Fox Mystery

Three possible explanations exist for why Rick Fox and his character are gone from the show. First, Fox may have decided to leave for personal and as yet unspecified reasons. Second, the show’s writers have simply written him off the show but will only explain why later. And third, Detective Jackson is still a part of the show and will be returning in the future, with all explanations to be provided later.

We just don’t know which of these explanations is true, but it hasn’t stopped fans from issuing their speculations on the matter all over the internet.

In particular, some of the shows fans on Reddit have decided to express their thoughts on Fox’s character. In a word, they just don’t think the character was all that good and that he wasn’t a good fit for the show. The writers, some fans have surmised, have finally realized this and have removed the character.

One fan in a Reddit thread said the following: “I don’t want to be too hard on Rick, but the character was sort of a failure. It may not have been him. Maybe the writers and director told him how to act. But the character was not good.”

Many fans echoed that sentiment, though some insisted that Fox’s character was never given enough of a chance.

In any case, Rick Fox’s disappearance from “Morning Show Mysteries” is itself a mystery, and it remains to be seen how that mystery will shake out and be resolved.