Rising evidence suggests the ‘Biden regime’ is running a giant covert operation flooding red states with a growing number of illegal immigrant children as more and more of those wretched minors are being used by drug cartels in possibly the largest child trafficking crisis in world history!

A video taken in April demonstrated the outrageous present reality in which thousands of illegal immigrants are using children in order to enter the US, thus avoiding any requirements whatsoever that are applied to candidates for legal immigration.

The video was made by Victor Avila, a former agent of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), who is also the author of the book “Agent Under Fire”.

Regardless of who you might be – a drug lord or a terrorist, for instance – under the “get in by bringing a kid” policy of the Biden – Harris regime, the only thing you need is to be in control of a child!

The worst child-trafficking crisis of all time!

Avila reveals that drug cartels don’t exactly need parents’ permission to use their children so their gang members can enter the US - they just snatch those kids, no questions asked.

Avila’s shocking video proves that basically every single illegal immigrant adult stopped at the border is bringing at least one kid in what might easily be the worst child trafficking undertaking in the history of mankind.

But that’s not the entire illegal immigrant children outrage that’s happening under the aegis of the Democrat administration – it actually seems to be implementing a giant covert operation to distribute the alien kids all over the southern states that vote predominantly for the Republicans.

Aided by the mainstream media, the Democrats have falsely accused President Trump time and time again of putting immigrant children in cages.

These same cages, however, were constructed by the Obama Administration to separate the minors from the adults as the Obama officials were aware of how Mexican drug cartels and gangs would use children to facilitate their egregious crimes.

Victor Avila recently explained how ICE agents were now unable to interview migrant kids in order to figure out whether they have any relation to the adults accompanying them.

Instead, these abused children are loaded on buses and sent to facilities within numerous red states.

Conservative foundation Judicial Watch has now revealed that the Biden Administration has been moving planeloads of illegal immigrant children in the middle of the night all over the southeast.

The giant covert operation in question is being kept secret from Congress members from the respective states, while the Department of Defense has been involved by having it contract tourist bus companies to move the children.

A scheme that includes planes and buses during the night

A recent news report by Tennessee media has revealed shocking insights: planes with migrant children make it to the Wilson Air Center, a private jet terminal in Chattanooga.

There, the kids are immediately loaded on tour buses.

Flight records show that three of a total of four planes arrived either late at night or early morning, save for one-afternoon landing.

The illegal immigrant children, officially termed Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC), by the Biden administration, could be seen loaded on buses owned by a company called Coast-to-Coast Tours, which is based in East Point, Georgia.

A company employee revealed the buses were sent to Chattanooga under a contract with the Department of Defense.

In the past, however, company buses have also picked up children brought by plane Atlanta, Georgia, and Mobile, Alabama.

Two buses seen in the video reportedly went to Dallas, Texas, and Miami, Florida.

Each bus contains 30-50 UACs, with 3-4 chaperones.

Only some of the children are reunited with family members, while others are taken to group homes funded with taxpayers’ money.

MS-13 recruits UAC’s as new members

According to the source, the covert operation to disperse illegal immigrant children in red states started in Dallas but was moved to smaller airports in order to evade public attention through Fixed-Base Operator (FBO), a private jet facility, with an executive terminal, 120,000 square feet of hangar space, and a multitude of other amenities.

The company provides corporate aviation support services in four cities, including Chattanooga.

Numerous members of Congress are quoted as saying they have no knowledge of the operations, and the Tennessee media outlet was refused information by the Wilson Air Center.

Lieutenant Colonel Chris Mitchell, a spokesman for the Defense Department, reveals in the report that the flights are conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services, while the DoD only provides land and temporary housing facilities.

The DHHS is responsible for the UACs, and presently holds a total of 22,264 of them in its care, an absolute record number.

It provides illegal immigrant children with various types of educational services and care activities.

The DHHS hasn’t responded to information requests although in April it did confirm that some UACs were housed in a dormitory in Highland Park, Tennessee.

About 72%, the vast majority of the minors in question are young adolescents aged 15-17, according to government records.

A total of 68% of them are male, and most come from Guatemala and Honduras.

Over the years, various institutions of the federal government have confirmed that the most violent street gangs in America such as the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) use US shelters for UACs for large-scale recruitment of new members.