History Revealed in Washington Monument Time Capsules

A time capsule is a wonderful way to document history and leave a gift for generations to come. A discovery at the Washington Monument in Baltimore, Maryland, yielded not just one time capsule but two of these amazing snapshots of time.

Washington Monument Details

When most people think of the Washington Monument, they think of the obelisk towering over the National Mall in Washington, DC. However, the original Washington Monument stands 178 feet high in Baltimore. The monument was constructed in 1815 to honor the first president of the U.S., George Washington.

Uncovering History

In 2014, workers at the monument unearthed a sealed box that had been put into the cornerstone back in 1915 during its centennial celebration. Inside the copper box, they found a picture of the first Declaration of Independence. They also uncovered a variety of newspapers, diaries, and other written documentation of that period in time.

A Second Time Capsule

What was even more shocking is that there was actually a second time capsule uncovered. This 1,500-pound granite box contained items from 100 years prior to 1815. The time capsule contained several copies of newspapers, a copy of the Declaration of Independence, and more. These discoveries affirm that the people of this time placed a high value on their new country and its goal of life and liberty for all.

Where Are the Artifacts Now?

Everyone can now view these amazing discoveries when they visit their permanent home at the Maryland Historical Society. Located just two blocks from the monument, the artifacts were moved to this museum in 2015 so that all Americans can share in on the history revealed in these time capsules.