As yet another example of the tiresome campaign of major corporations to push left-wing propaganda, Yelp will now allow businesses to add an attribute to their profiles declaring themselves “LGBT-owned.”

Yelp calls this new attribute “Open to All,” thus implying that business which are owned by heterosexuals are somehow not open to all people. Not only is this insinuation absurd, false and defamatory, but, if true, it would be illegal, since anti-discrimination laws already prohibit such things.

Presumably, this will be used to get the woke crowd to flock to certain businesses and, even more ominously and importantly, to harass and harangue those businesses which are owned by heterosexual people.

More Woke Capitalism From Yelp

According to Search Engine Land, Yelp announced this new feature on Monday, May 24. It will appear as a rainbow-colored map pin staring in June — which, incidentally, is designated as “Pride Month.”

Yelp users will be able to find out which businesses have this feature in two ways: by going to the “more info” section of a business’ profile page on the Yelp app or by going to the “amenities and more” section of a business’ page on Yelp’s website.

Yelp said the following in a recent statement on this matter: “To protect businesses who self-identify as LGBTQ-owned, Yelp is proactively monitoring pages for hate speech against the LGBTQ+ community and will remove any hateful, racist or harmful content that violates our content guidelines.”

Yelp’s justification of this new policy, it says, is the recent escalation in hate crimes against Asian-Americans. What Yelp, and the left more generally, refuses to admit is that the perpetrators of these hate crimes are almost exclusively black people. Such information, of course, would puncture the woke narrative that white people are to blame for everything wrong with the world.

In October 2020, Yelp also introduced a “business accused of racist behavior” consumer alert. You can be sure that Yelp does not bother to investigate the credibility of such accusations. The mere accusation is enough to convince Yelp to collaborate in ruining the business’ reputation.

The newest persecutions have been and will continue to be done in the name of “tolerance” and “inclusion” — and that is ominous indeed.