David Chipman, Joe Biden’s nominee for the head of the ATF, has admitted that he and the Democrat President are dead bent on taking away Americans’ guns, including banning the AR-15s.

Chipman, who has been tipped by Biden to become the new director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), presently works as a senior adviser at the Giffords anti-gun group.

His gun banning plans, clearly in violation of the Second Amendment, came on Wednesday when he was grilled by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) during his confirmation hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Cruz decisively questioned Chipman about his stance on gun ownership, elaborating in particular that the AR-15 is among the most popular, and perhaps even the most mass-used rifles in the country.

Responding to the Texas Senator’s relentless questioning, Chipman confessed that he, supported by Joe Biden, plans to impose the federal ban of the AR-15, calling it an especially lethal weapon.

Biden and Chipman are preying on public ignorance

Such a statement is clearly delusional and meaning to prey upon public ignorance since the AR-15 only fires single bullets per each trigger pull.

It is in no way a machine gun, although Biden and Chipman are hardly capable of differing a tank from an airplane…

Americans love it because of its lightweight and adaptability, and with the exception of isolated cases in which it was used for criminal purposes, it is most commonly used in target shooting.

Contrary to what Biden and his ATF nominee Chipman would have you believe, there clearly are far more lethal weapons than the AR-15.

For example, almost 4 times more people died of knives than AR-15s.

That rifle is nowhere nearly the image that the left is trying to create for it.

In fact, the AR-15 epitomizes the firearms entitled to protection under the Heller ruling due to the fact that it is in “common use” as being perhaps the most used gun in America, with millions of it being owned throughout the country.

The beginning of something bigger

Chipman’s statements can easily be presented as a pretext to ban and seize the most popular rifle in America.

However, that would just be the beginning: if they get away with doing that, the new administration would be able to seize any gun, no matter the type!

That demonstrates that neither Biden nor his nominee harbor any respect or understanding of the Constitution.

Chipman is probably the worst candidate out there to take control of the ATF!

Let us remind you that this is the same guy who claimed how Branch Davidians had shot down government helicopters during the Waco Massacre…

Chipman, however, is hardly a surprise pick for Biden considering the Democrat President’s long-term stance in favor of taking away Americans’ guns.

In March 2020, Biden got into a fight with an autoworker in Michigan.

He even insulted the man and insisted that he didn’t want to ban gun ownership.

Yet, prior to that, he had declared that he would want to ban AR-14s or whatever he might consider an “assault weapon”.

In his fight with the autoworker, Biden revealed he thought the AR-15 was something like a machine gun and has “100 rounds”.

Any Republican who might vote to confirm Chipman as head of the ATF would have to resign immediately.

Unfortunately, Biden is the bigger problem here, and the Republicans must send a message that any encroachment against Americans’ gun rights is inadmissible.