Transgender activist and former athlete Caitlyn Jenner, has told the famous family to abstain from becoming involved in Jenner’s run for Governor of California in the 2021 recall election on behalf of the Republican Party.

The Republican hopeful to become the next Governor of California stated that politics is a “tough business” for everybody, and while she might be used to seeing people come after her, she wants to protect her family.

Jenner said she nonetheless discussed the gubernatorial campaign with her children but told them she didn’t want a single tweet coming from them on the topic.

Elaborating on the policy of “no family involvement whatsoever”, Jenner further told the family to simply say “no comment” whenever the media ask them about her run in the 2021 California recall election.

Jenner is not only confused about gender, but also about politics

A report in April by People Magazine cited an inside source as saying that the famous family which is intertwined with the Kardashians wanted Jenner to be “happy”, implying a level of support with an intra-family consensus on that point.

While Jenner is running on behalf of the GOP, the transgender activist has been criticized by both Republican and Democrat figures for her varying stance on different ideologically polarizing issues.

Namely, Jenner has declared support for establishing a citizenship pathway for about two million illegal immigrants presently residing in California, a position announced during a CNN interview.

At the same time, the former Olympic medalist recently famously spoke out against allowing biological males to compete in female sports competitions.

In a TMZ interview, Jenner argued that even if they might be trans, it was still unfair for biological boys to compete against girls in schools.

Another political controversy surrounding Jenner has been her recent claim that she did not vote in the 2020 election, and that instead, she went playing golf.

A recent report, however, using LA County records, has shown conflicting information in that regard.

In April, a report by Politico said Jenner failed to vote in about two-thirds of all elections since 2000.

However, it cited an LA registrar’s office representative who provided documentation that Jenner voted in November 2020.

In her CNN interview, Jenner explained how voting Republican in California during a presidential election was meaningless, and therefore “overwhelming.”

Jenner also argued the election offered no propositions affecting the people in the state.

Upon announcing her run for California Governor against Democrat incumbent Newsom in the 2021 recall election, likely taking place this November, Jenner lambasted the one-party of the state by the Democrats.

Jenner argued the Democrats’ rule had prioritized special interests over the interests of Californians.