There’s been a mass exodus going on from blue states to red states. People all over states like Michigan, New York and California have simply had enough.

They’ve had enough of COVID lockdowns and of not being able to operate their business or send their children to school. They’ve had enough of dubious mask mandates that do more to signal one’s political ideology than they do to prevent the spread of disease. They’ve had enough of lying, scheming, Machiavellian and hypocritical politicians who impose mandates on people and flagrantly violate their own mandates.

That’s why people are leaving states like Michigan, New York and California and coming to states South Dakota, Texas and Florida by the thousands.

But for those who live in free and open red states, this migration presents worries. What if a bunch of Democrats from New York decided to leave their state and come to Florida? And what if they don’t draw the connection between their own voting behavior and the horrible mismanagement that has run New York into the ground?

What if these blue state refugees end up ruining the red states?

Recently, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis did a lot to quell people’s fears on this score.

Democrats are Becoming Republicans

Speaking at a governors’ town hall on May 26 that was presided over by Fox News host Sean Hannity, DeSantis addressed this all-important question.

“So, all of you have this problem,” Hannity said, speaking to the red state governors that had assembled for the event, “And the problem is people from New York and New Jersey and California and Michigan, they’re leaving their states and they’re going to your states… Now, my only fear for all of you — and I’ll let you start first, Governor DeSantis — is that they may bring their liberal policies with them.”

DeSantis instantly put together a deft and reasonable answer to the question. He pointed out that the people moving from blue states to red states are doing so because they can’t endure lockdown restrictions anymore.

They can see that states like Florida have far better COVID numbers than states like Michigan — and according to journalist Charles LeDuff, Michigan has been lying about and understating its COVID numbers anyway.

DeSantis pointed out that those who’ve decided to move from a blue state to a red state are the people who can see through the lockdown propaganda. The ones who are more likely to vote Democrat are not moving. As the governor put it, “the people that see through it, they think like us. And so, I think a lot of these people are coming. I think they are registering as Republicans overwhelmingly.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott made similar remarks to Tucker Carlson at one time, pointing out that 58 percent of those who say they moved to Texas from California say they voted for Ted Cruz in the last senatorial election.

With all of the political polarization going on in this country, it may actually be a good thing for Democrats and Republicans to geographically segregate.