Top-ranking white male executives of Lockheed Martin, the largest defense industry contractor in the United States, were put last year through a seemingly racist “diversity” training in what is yet another high-profile woke incursion in America’s corporate world.

To appreciate the importance of the Maryland-based Lockheed Martin, it should be noted that the company had a revenue of almost $ 60 billion in 2019!

Lockheed Martin produces and provides maintenance for much of the US military arsenal, including its collaboration with the Department of Defense on the $1.7 trillion program for the F-35 fighter jet of the US Air Force, and also works on top-notch scientific projects such as the Hubble Space Telescope.

Wokeheed Martin?

Regardless of its scope and its role in the US military-industrial complex, Lockheed has apparently been unable to escape from the suffocating grasp of wokeism.

According to documents leaked to investigative reporter Christopher Rufo, in 2020, a total of 13 Lockheed Martin executives, all of them “while males”, underwent a three-day training through Zoom aimed at making them more diversity-conscious, and encouraging their “white male privilege” atonement and their personal deconstruction of “white male culture”.

The employees who were subjected to the seemingly racist training included, among others, the production vice president for the F-35 fighter jet program, Glenn Woods; the vice president of Lockheed Martin’s sustainment operations Bruce Litchfield, a retired lieutenant general from the US Air Force;

the company’s global supply chain head Aaron Huckaby; the head of the military transport program of the Hercules C-130 aircraft, David Starr, who is a retired lieutenant colonel from the US Air Force.

The racist education program was led by “White Men As Full Diversity Partners”, a consulting firm specializing in “diversity” training for white males, or, rather, according to its website, in helping them to “awaken together.”

It seems like a bad joke, but it’s a new American reality

According to the documents, the anti-white male training at Lockheed Martin started by asking the top executives to enumerate terms associated with “white men”.

The list mentioned by the trainers included the following words: Aryan Nation, Founding fathers, KKK, guns, old, privileged, racist, anti-women, guilty, angry, can’t jump.

As the “diversity trainers” asked the question, “What’s in it for white men?”, there was a list of responses such as not being “replaced” by a corporate executive who might be a better “diversity partner”, or improving white men’s “image” and “reputation”, or living with a reduced “sense of guilt” of being the problem.

It is certainly “refreshing” to learn that US taxpayer money for the seemingly exorbitant and wasteful F-35 jet program is being put to use not just by being squandered but also by funding divisive and racist reeducation programs…

According to Rufo, the same company already provided a similar “diversity” training for white male executives at Sandia National Labs: it seems to be targeting America’s defense contracts, a development clearly crying for a congressional investigation.

That is, of course, hardly going to happen under Democrats’ control.