Democrat President Joe Biden has landed another live speech gaffe but this time he managed to creep everybody out!

The President made comments about a young girl’s supposedly mature looks based on the way she was sitting in his audience with her legs crossed.

Biden’s new gaffe came on Friday afternoon, as he was giving a speech in Hampton, Virginia, at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, to honor Memorial Day weekend.

She looks 19 to me…

Not long into Biden’s speech, after the opening remarks, he offered thanks to those present at the Memorial Day event, including Virginia’s Democrat Governor Ralph Northam and members of the US Congress, namely, Democrat Rep. Elaine Luria and Rep. Bobby Scott.

That was when Biden laid eyes on a person described as a “little girl in the audience” who is reported to be a veteran’s daughter.

The girl to whom the president’s remarks were directed was not seen on the available video footage.

At this point, the speech of the Democrat president, already speaking in a low and feeble voice, became hard to watch.

As he was looking at a veteran’s family in the front rows, he mentioned them by names, and then decided to praise the young daughter for looking grown-up.

That didn’t go well as Biden’s choice of words went south: in explaining that she appeared to him as a 19-year-old, he stated that she seemed “like a little lady”, due to the fact that she was sitting “with her legs crossed.”

Just before that, in the preceding sentence, he had remarked he loved “those barrettes” in girls’ hair.

Twitter: Senile pervert, Creep, Predator

Backlash on Twitter to Biden’s creepy young girl praise for Memorial Day came quick!

Users commenting on the Democrat president’s latest gaffe ranged from out outright disgust and outrage to counting it in line with his preceding blunders, to wondering what might be wrong “with this man.”

Twitter users sharing the video footage posted by The Post Millennial were quite unforgiving: “creepy Joe”, “creeeep”, “sickening”, “ewww”, “predator”, “senile pervert” were some of the most comments, among others.

Biden is well-known for all sorts of speech gaffes.

Only the last few days, he “mistook” the titles of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, mixed up 5G technology and the G-5 countries, and got lost in his notes at a speech at the FEMA headquarters.