Fewer and fewer Americans are now willing to work as police officers considering a wide range of recent developments caused by the left, which have damaged tremendously the otherwise noble profession.

The top five reasons not to be a police officer these days range from accusations of “systemic racism” to the fact that the left has managed to switch the sides of good and evil.

Due to the mentioned monstrous paradigm shift championed by the leftists, most of America’s major cities have seen worrying numbers of retiring police officers.

Putting down the badge

A total of 2,500 police officers retired in New York City in 2020, almost double the number year-on-year; a total of 560 cops put down the badge in Chicago, a 15% increase compared with 2019;

another 200 have retired in Minneapolis in the wake of the death of George Floyd; Portland has also become notorious for a similar development.

Much of that appears to be the fault of the Democrats, the mainstream media, and Hollywood, which are working tirelessly to bring down America’s police by portraying cops as malicious racists who love “systemic racism”, and are out to hunt black people.

Another reason for the dwindling popularity of the noble police work are measures such as bail reform championed by the leftists, which allow thousands and thousands of criminals to walk free immediately after being arrested.

This has led to ridiculous cases such as having to arrest a criminal 18 times within 4 days.

In NYC, a career criminal has thanked the Democrats for constantly letting him go, after his 139th arrest!

The third reason for fewer people seeing any point in police work lies in the liberal’s efforts to release convicted felons from prison, the same people who are more likely to commit crimes in their own neighborhoods, oftentimes poor and/or black communities.

With the COVID-19 pandemic used as a pretext, a total of 1,500 felons were released in New York alone, which has led to more violence.

The fifth reason sums it all

Defunding the police itself is a horrendous policy which is the fourth big reason there are fewer and fewer Americans willing to join the police.

Being a bad idea in normal circumstances, doing it against the backdrop of bail reform and letting prisoners go is just beyond insane.

As a result, cities that have taken away tens of millions of dollars in police funding are now registering skyrocketing crime rates.

The fifth and perhaps most egregious reason hides behind leftists’ constant efforts to present criminals as the good guys and heroes, and cops as the villains in an utterly perverted monstrosity against law, order, honesty, and basic human decency.

The case of Michael Brown who was shot after assaulting a police officer twice still got a plaque in his honor in Ferguson, MO.

Jacob Blake was shot seven times after sexually assaulting a woman, resisting arrest, and going to get a knife.

For that, he was greeted in person by Kamala Harris who declared how “proud” of him she was. On TV, a CBS affiliate in Champaign, IL, sought to portray a cop killed as an actual angel wearing wings.

If the situation continues to exacerbate, the leftists won’t even need to disband the police force as soon there won’t be any police at all.

The road to anarchy?