The Biden Administration is staffed to the brim with insane woke activists rabidly committed to ignoring reality for the sake of their ideology. Since woke ideology is fundamentally at odds with reality, the only way to keep it going is to ruthlessly persecute anyone who dares to criticize it, however mild that criticism may be.

Conservatives — who, sadly, have been asleep at the wheel for decades as leftists have infiltrated one major cultural institution after another and used their control to slowly shift society to the left — are finally starting to take notice of the consequences of leftist cultural dominance and the ways in which the left has secured that dominance.

They are finally taking notice because now, one of their most beloved institutions has been targeted: the military.

With Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin at the helm — a man who seems to have little in the way of qualifications for his position other than the fact that he happens to check the right sorts of identity boxes — wokeism has wormed its way into the military with alarming speed, and conservatives are worried. In fact, as James Hasson has pointed out in his book Stand Down: How Social Justice Warriors Are Sabotaging America’s Military, the roots of woke infiltration into the military actually go back to the Obama Administration.

It was there that diversity mandates, “sensitivity training,” various workshops purporting to teach military personnel about “white privilege” and other Cultural Marxist propaganda began to take root in the military.

The military’s traditional goals, like combat effectiveness, began taking a backseat to these ideological imperatives.

At long last, conservatives have started to do something about this festering problem. Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Representative Dan Crenshaw of Texas, both of whom happen to be military veterans, have created a whistleblower site where military members can talk about the extent to which woke administrators have been corroding the military.

Standing Up to Wokeism in the Military

Now that former Space Force commander Matthew Lohmeier has been fired from his post for speaking out against critical race theory being shoved down the throats of military members, conservatives have become aware of how serious the problem of far-left infiltration of the military really is.

Announcing the new whistleblower site, Rep. Crenshaw tweeted on May 28: “Enough is enough. We won’t let our military fall to woke ideology. We have just launched a whistleblower page where you can submit your story. Your complaint will be legally protected, and [it will] go to my office and [that of] @SenTomCotton.”

The day before that, Sen. Cotton met with Lohmeier to discuss his firing and the threat of the growth of Cultural Marxism in the military.

The site is certainly a sight for sore eyes, though much more needs to be done to combat this problem. The fact that service members would even need to have their complaints shrouded under legal protection is already a massive problem in itself, though, as we know, the left is an extremely vindictive bunch.

Let’s hope that this site draws awareness to the gravity of this problem and becomes only the beginning of a much larger pushback.