Tay Anderson, a devout BLM leader and anti-gun activist from Denver, Colorado, is facing multiple accusations of various kinds of sexual misconduct.

Being a member of the Denver school board, Anderson is suspected of rape, sex abuse, harassment, and other sorts of ‘inappropriate behavior’ toward local girls, including 62 high school students and immigrants participating in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Some of the girls Anderson reportedly abused were as young as 14.

As the number of new accusers started to rise, Anderson announced that he would step down from all of his positions, at least temporarily.

The BLM activist called for an independent investigation of his case by an outside company.

Yet, the school board Anderson belongs to explained that Anderson would nonetheless take part in some future activities of the board, such as the election of the new superintendent, scheduled for June 3rd.

The school’s spokesperson told reporters that Anderson’s resignation means that he would not personally attend school meetings.

A history of accusations

The first investigation against Anderson was initiated after an anonymous woman approached BLM’s Denver chapter members in March.

She explained how Anderson sexually assaulted her and called for Anderson’s public apology, along with an inspection of his mental state.

Other accusations followed.

Former members of an anti-gun organization ‘‘Never Again Colorado’’ revealed that Anderson took part in an ‘inappropriate behavior’ during his term as the organization’s president three years ago.

The accusations against Anderson culminated when Mary-Katherine Brooks Fleming, a mother of a Denver high school student, acquainted the local legislative committee with testimonies of as many as 62 young people, most of who were high school students at a time.

Brooks Fleming explained that the testimonies involved descriptions of how Anderson used his ‘position of trust’ to engage in various kinds of sexual abuse, ranging from unsolicited touching to outright rape.

A pile of accusations

Despite the suspicions, Anderson remained firm in denying everything.

He announced that he hopes that all accusations against him would be proven false and that he would soon return to his standard duties.

Via his attorney Chris Decker, Anderson even accused a ‘well-known racist web hacker’ of standing behind the sexual misconduct accusations against him.

The official investigation might reveal the truth about Anderson’s case.

However, every investigation, including this one, can be fallible.

This fact suggests that we might end up never knowing the truth about Anderson’s sexual misconduct.