A fresh case out of San Francisco, when a homeless man attacked and beat up a police officer, which was, by the way, been well documented on video, is the latest glaring example of the total failure of the Democrats’ policies dictating on law enforcement to ignore “little” or minor crimes.

The unprovoked attack against a female police officer occurred near Clay & Kearny Streets in San Francisco last Friday.

Passers-by rescued the policewoman

The attacker, a quite large and apparently mentally unstable man, was harassing passers-by of Asian origin with racial slurs and threats.

At this point, the police officer stopped the offender and tried to perform a search, which is part of normal police conduct.

As she attempted to search him for weapons, the big homeless man turned around and jumped her.

He brought her down and tried to bash her head into the ground!

It took four other men, passers-by, to come to the policewoman’s aid, and they had to try really hard to be able to overturn him.

Even as the police officer managed to get up and restrict the attacker on the ground, a couple of them still had to stay and help her hold the man until more cops showed up to her aid.

While no officer of law enforcement can ever be sure to be in perfect safety, the main fact of the matter about this recent San Francisco incident is that the attack was very easily preventable.

Thanks to Democrats, police officers have to get used to such attacks

In fact, it never would have happened, had it not been for the morally bankrupt liberal policies of the Democrat-run city of San Francisco, which directs the police to ignore or just let go of minor crimes!

In this particular case, two hours prior to the incident including a female police officer, the aforementioned criminal damaged scooters rented out by local teenagers.

Yet, the police didn’t arrest him, and instead, they just let him go and told him to get out of there.

The ridiculous rationale is simple: under the Democrats, in San Francisco “minor offenses” are not prosecuted at all, meaning that it doesn’t make any sense for the police officers to pursue them.

This madness, however, is not the cops’ fault.

It’s the morally questionable Democrat politicians running the city, once America’s pride, who impose such absurd policies on its citizens.

It was not guaranteed that under different circumstances the cops would have arrested the homeless man in his first minor offense that day but they might have attempted to at least run a welfare check on him.

Instead, as part of the general law enforcement policy set up, they did nothing, and two hours later one of their own suffered serious injuries, as reported by the Asian Dawn news, which shared the initial video of the assault.

This is just the beginning of the end

The problem in San Francisco has been growing, mostly due to radical District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

One recent case included dismissing charges against a teenager who was a suspect in a carjacking.

The same teenager is said to have taken part in an attack against a 75-year-old woman who was beaten and dragged by her hair.

Charges against the teenager were dismissed even though there were multiple witnesses and video footage.

San Francisco’s citizens are growing outraged as incidents such as robbery, theft, and shoplifting have been ignored, so much so that now even some Democrats are calling for Boudin to be recalled.

While San Francisco is the home turn of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as always, she is nowhere to be found when it comes to actually having to take responsible actions to tackle serious issues.