An organizer of a punk-rock concert in St. Petersburg, Florida, came up with an idea to avoid the restrictions imposed by the state government.

Paul Williams, a manager at Leadfoot Promotions, decided to encourage the members of his community to receive the COVID-19 vaccine by offering tickets for his show at different prices.

Those who show a vaccination record card would be able to buy a single ticket for only $18.

Unvaccinated people, however, would have to pay a much higher sum ($1,000) if they wish to join the concert!

The concert will feature the pop-punk band Teenage Bottlerocket and is planned to take place on June 26th.

As at least two weeks are required to reach full immunity following the vaccination, the band issued a statement in which it told its fans that, by June 12th, they would either need to receive the second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or the Johnson and Johnson’s single jab.

Evading the restrictions

Williams’ decision came in the wake of Republican Governor Ross DeSantis’ ban on all sorts of COVID-19 passports across the state.

Namely, Governor DeSantis issued an executive order in April in which he banned both governmental agencies and private businesses from offering services to vaccinated individuals only.

Many supporters of the Florida Governor view the policy that separates vaccinated from unvaccinated people as discriminatory and, thus, unacceptable.

Responding to the critics of his decision, Williams stressed that each unvaccinated person who comes to his concert would be treated the same as the vaccinated one, provided that they pay for the ticket.

Still, these explanations did not satisfy many commentators from social media who kept attacking the manager’s policy.

The ticket policy enacted by the Leadfoot Promotions manager echoes those instituted in other U.S. states, mostly those led by Democrats.

Thus, in some states, governors offered free city park entrance to vaccinated individuals only.

In others, vaccinated people got eligible to participated in a lottery, the winners of which will receive great material benefits.