Viral TikTok Garners Megalodon Talk

A new viral TikTok video is having viewers questioning whether the megalodon has been raised from the dead.

Details of Video

The video shows what many believe is a giant shark circling a cruise ship as passengers look on in both horror and awe. It is clear that the presence of this beast is not an everyday occurrence based on the reactions of the onlookers. Expletives and other types of shocking language can be heard as people catch sight of the mysterious creature that spanned the entire length of the ship.

But Was It a Megalodon?

While many people are speculating that the creature was a megalodon, it is widely known that this ocean creature has long been extinct.

With a name that translates to “giant tooth,” the Carcharocles megalodon is one of the biggest ocean creatures in history. Its teeth alone are nearly three times bigger than the teeth of a great white shark.

However, historians have documented that they believe that the megalodon went extinct centuries ago, potentially even before humans roamed the earth.

Theories Surrounding Creature

So if the creature was not the extinct megalodon, what could it be? Many experts speculate that the cruise ship passengers actually saw a basking shark. These types of sharks are still alive and well in ocean waters.

Although the basking shark may look scary, they do not pose much danger to humans. This is primarily because the species does not have any teeth.

The TikTok video currently has earned over 39 million views. While the creature is probably not anything to be concerned about, that will not stop curious viewers from speculating about the danger that it may present.