Joe Biden’s failure to protect the border will have far-reaching effects throughout the entire country. The crime may even come to your neighborhood. This is exactly what is happening in cities such as Los Angeles as spillover from the Mexican drug cartels is making life more dangerous for everyone.

Biden Does Nothing While California Is in Danger

Biden’s answer to the situation is that he has none. Assaults, rape, and auto thefts are up dramatically since Biden took office. This is what happens with open borders and little enforcement. California is about to be inundated with even more crime between Biden’s weakness and Gavin Newsom’s incompetence. Cartel criminals are running amok in California’s cities, and residents are living in fear. Welcome to Biden’s America.

The solution would be to close the Mexican border to keep these problems out of U.S. cities. Instead, it is open wider than ever as illegal crossings are happening unchecked. If Biden has his way, California will be a blueprint for the rest of the country. Right now, cartels are operating in the U.S. without any fear of punishment or arrest. With a surging population of illegal immigrants, they have a ready source of people required to do their bidding.

The U.S. Needs to Be Tough on the Border

Trump’s policies are necessary to show strength on the border. This will both keep bad actors out and American citizens safe. All it took was days for Biden’s weakness to become apparent.

This situation has over three more years to get worse. Soon, the entire country will be in the reach of the Mexican cartels and every other criminal from Central America who is able to easily cross the border.