Several officers have been recently fired for what can only be called dubious reasons!

Three of them lost their jobs due to unwillingness to follow the orders made by their liberal superiors.

Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, who used to work as a Space Force Commander, was allegedly fired for rising against the propagation of leftist ideas in the army.

Not complying with leftist policies

Talking to the New York Post, Lohmeier explained that the Department of Defense (DOD) invited all of its members to participate in a so-called ‘extremism down day,’ during which the DOD would promote actions against ‘right-wing extremism,’

Lohmeier told reporters that, as a preparation for the event, he and his colleagues received videos in which they were taught about ‘the evil nature of the U.S. and white race’ and about the U.S. not being found in 1776 but in 1619, when first enslaved Africans from Angola arrived in British Colony of Virginia.

Lohmeier said that he quickly protested against the propagation of these videos among the staff, adding that critical race theory, a theoretical foundation of the controversial ideas in the video, is in fact ‘racist.’

The Former Commander explained that he was fired soon after raising his voice.

Another officer who has been recently fired is Shane Stringer, captain and a State Representative from Alabama.

Stringer was reportedly fired from his captain job at the Mobile County Sheriff’s Department for endorsing a bill that granted a constitutional carry of weapons.

Responding to the decision, Stringer said that he remains proud of defending the rights granted by the Second Amendment, also stressing that nothing would prevent him from fighting for the freedoms the Constitution provides to each American citizen.

The third fired officer is Lt. William Kelly from Norfolk, Virginia.

He was fired several months ago after it was revealed that he donated $25 to help the defense of Kyle Rittenhouse, an 18-year-old man suspected of killing two Black Lives Matter activists last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Fired for being funny!

Establishments from the police departments went so far that they even started firing people for posting funny videos online!

Deputy Marshal Nate Silvester from Bellevue, Idaho, lost his job after he filmed a viral video in which he faked a phone conversation with NBA star LeBron James.

Seemingly, the popularity the video gained on the TikTok platform cost Silvester his job.

Even though Bellevue Mayor Ned Burns claimed that Silvester was fired for ‘repeated violations,’ many people remained sure that the video was the real cause of the decision.

Brace yourself! There is no time and place to hide anymore!

The left is coming after you.