Virginia Democrats Going After Pastor and Teacher for Following Their Beliefs

A group of Democratic leaders in Virginia is targeting a pastor and a member of his congregation for their refusal to relent on their beliefs regarding transgender children.

Loudoun County Schools Center of Controversy

The controversy is unfolding at Leesburg Elementary School in Loudoun County, Virginia. Byron “Tanner” Cross, a physical education teacher at the school, told the Loudoun County school board last week that he will not affirm transgender children. Cross cited the fact that he loves the children who are currently struggling with gender dysphoria, however, he refuses to lie to them about their options.

What Transpired Next

Cross was placed on administrative leave shortly after giving his opinion about transgender students. In response, Cornerstone Chapel Pastor Gary Hamrick used his pulpit to speak out about the school board and their decision to place Cross on leave.

Hamrick defended the decision of Cross, a member of his church. While defending Cross, Hemrick also called out the school board, saying that they were failing to educate and protect the students by following this left-wing gender ideology.

During the sermon, Hamrick accused six board members of supporting giving sexually explicit materials to students confused about their gender identity, calling it a form of emotional abuse.

Virginia Democrats Respond

In response to the pastor’s remarks, the Loudoun County Democratic Committee released a statement on Sunday demanding that he recant his remarks. The committee also slammed Hamrick for opening his church “to political campaigning” because he gave his congregants access to petitions to recall six school board members that he deemed to be troublesome.