In a recent interview with The Daily Signal, Mark Daniels, Sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona, put both the media and Joe Biden on blast.

The sheriff subjected Biden to withering criticism for his role in instigating and prolonging the border crises and then slammed the media for either refusing to mention this all-important issue entirely or lying about it on the rare occasions when they do. Cochise County is located in the southeastern corner of Arizona, right by the border with Mexico.

The Media’s Relentless Lying

Sheriff Daniels has reserved a heaping helping of his frustration and vitriol for the mainstream media. With respect to the border crisis, he claims that the mainstream press organs either lie about it by gaslighting people into thinking that it isn’t really a crisis, or they ignore it entirely.

“What they’re not showing is the getaways, the drug cartel influence in all this,” said Daniels. “It’s all about the dollar bill and how they can exploit Americans for addictions, how they can get into our communities and erode them and families. I don’t know why that story’s not being told. We all know it’s true. There’s nobody debating that, but that doesn’t sell, I guess.”

“We haven’t been prioritizing the southwest border,” Daniels continued. Singling out Biden and Kamala Harris for criticism, Daniels pointed out that if the Biden Administration cared at all about this issue, “the vice president would be here….But she hasn’t been down here.”

Not only has it been copiously documented that the Mexican drug cartels are the ones organizing all of these movements — including the unaccompanied children, who have been seen many times on video picked by women covered in gang tattoos — but there is some reason to believe that sex trafficking may be the motive behind at least some of this migrant exodus.

It’s well known now that migrants are being handed manilla envelopes with cash and instructions to go to airports and buy tickets to various American towns. The migrants are being settled all over the country by the Biden Administration. Since the cartels are organizing the moves toward the border, this means that the Biden team is essentially collaborating with vicious drug gangs.

In any reasonable and functional country, this would be more than enough to permanently destroy the careers of all politicians involved. More than this, it should be enough to have them indicted on criminal charges.

But with the left holding a lock on political power, America is now anything but a reasonable and well-run country.