Despite a Rasmussen Report poll showing that a majority of Americans favor tighter restrictions on legal immigration into the United States for work, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is urging Congress to reduce or eliminate those restrictions. If they win their case with lawmakers, anti-immigration activists fear wages could go down as there will be more people to take the jobs available. In turn, this will likely raise corporate profit margins.

What Does the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Want Lawmakers to Do?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants Congress to pass sweeping legal immigration reform to allow more workers into the country. In particular, they want Congress to:

  • Raise the number of employment-based green cards to 280,000 annually
  • Eliminate per-country caps

  • Double the number of H-1B visas given to foreign workers who have specialized knowledge and at least a bachelor’s degree
  • Double the number of H-2B visas for foreign workers who want to enter the country to fill temporary nonagricultural jobs and expand that program to cover noon-seasonal agricultural businesses
  • Allow international students who came to the U.S. to study to more easily obtain employment green cards after graduation
  • Give amnesty to illegal aliens enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and foreign nationals enrolled in Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
  • Encourage local politicians to import foreign workers to increase population growth

If the U.S. Chamber of Commerce successfully gets this legislation through Congress and signed by President Biden, workers might see their wages stabilize or decrease.

If they fail, then workers can use the demand for their skills as a selling point to see their take-home pay increase.