Amid Hollywood’s anti-American rhetoric, one of Marvel’s biggest stars stepped forward and paid a tribute to the fallen troops through a remarkable Instagram post, which has caused a huge backlash from many woke internet “warriors” who never fought for anything more than their own selfish interests.

Every year, millions of Americans pay homage to soldiers protecting our country, and as in every other nation that fought out its way to freedom, that shouldn’t be something causing public distress.

However, we’re in the US, where literally anything is possible…

Pratt on the Memorial Day

On May 31st, Chris Pratt wanted to remind everyone of the sacrifices our troops had to go through throughout history and in the present day.

The famous actor later suggested that he was inspired by an MMA fighter, Tim Kennedy, a Green Beret, who posted photos reminding millions of the great role that female and male soldiers have in protecting the USA.

Along with the collection of unforgettable and emotional photos, Chris Pratt wrote a sentimental post referring to the impact that the USA army and operatives had throughout history, not just on the US, but the whole world and human rights in general.

He started by writing about the Union soldiers who defeated the Confederate Army and are directly responsible for the abolishment of slavery.

Chris continued by explaining how along with its Allies, the USA army played a vital role in defeating Nazis and their allies.

Lastly, he reminded everyone of the 9/11 attack and the fact that those who planned and executed the unimaginable terror were tracked down by our forces.

Voted as “Worst Chris”

While Chris Pratt is well known for his patriotic and Christian beliefs, many were surprised how he wasn’t afraid to step out and publish such a powerful Instagram post on Memorial Day, a post that clearly violates unofficial Hollywood’s policies.

It is a well-known fact that most members of Hollywood’s establishment and the popular culture have been coming out with anti-American claims over the past couple of years, and those who opposed such views were quickly canceled and silenced.

The Marvel star, however, seemed not to care, as he concluded his public statement by calling everyone to exercise their freedom but be humble and remember the people who paid in blood for it.

It’s no secret that a huge number of Hollywood stars feel resentment towards Pratt for the fact that he isn’t afraid of standing up to his Christian beliefs and pro-American ideals.

Not surprisingly and quite expectedly, Pratt was quickly “booed” on Twitter and flagged as the worst Chris of all actors…

Still, it doesn’t seem to bother the Marvel star who suggests that everyone has a right to express their opinion as long as they don’t forget it is provided by the fallen soldiers of the USA army.