Reddit Poster Solicits Saddest Facts

There is nothing like scrolling through an internet feed of sad facts to bring you down. However, the truth is that life is full of happiness and sadness, often intertwined. A Reddit message board user asked posters to share some of the saddest facts they have ever seen. The results were a collection of touching but heartbreaking stories about both humans and animals. Here is just a sample of what was shared.

Laika the Space Dog and the 9/11 Rescue Pooches

It is no surprise that pictures of dogs garnered some of the most emotional responses. Laika, the first canine to be sent out to space, died on the mission all alone.

The pooch had no idea what was going on when she was sent to space for experiments. A picture of a depressed search and rescue dog not being able to locate any living humans in the 9/11 rubble was another tragic shot.

Sick Little Girl

One poster shared a story of his neighbor’s nine-year-old daughter. The little girl has a rare genetic disorder that means she is not likely to live past her teens. Sadly, the girl does not know of this condition and its severity. The poster said that it is incredibly sad to hear her talk about how she wants to be a hairdresser when she grows up, knowing that she will never get that chance.

Lack of Water Access

It is shocking but true to learn that 785 million people around the globe do not have access to safe drinking water. Access is defined as having water available within a 30-minute round trip distance. The fact that so many people are without this basic necessity is truly heartbreaking.