Message Board Post Details Family Drama Over Baby Shower

An expecting mother launched a massive family drama when she demanded that guests of her baby shower purchase expensive gifts. The drama was explained on a message board post when a woman asked if she was being a jerk for not complying with her cousin’s requests.


The woman explained how she recently received an email from her cousin Beth, reminding her of the upcoming baby shower. Beth also added a link to the gift registry. The woman was shocked when she looked through the registry, adding that the least expensive gift was still $25.

Offering a Blanket

Because the woman is a college student, she could not afford the gifts on the registry.

Instead, she offered to make a homemade blanket for the baby. However, Beth said that she would not accept a blanket because it was tacky. She insisted that the woman buy a gift off the registry or purchase a gift card with a minimum amount of $100.

Family Drama Ensues

As you might imagine, family drama ensued once Beth demanded that her cousin spend this amount of money. In the end, the family ended up siding with the university student when it was revealed that Beth had been lying about the situation in order to get people on her side of the argument.

End of Story

In the end, the woman decided to not attend the shower. However, she still made a blanket for the baby because not doing so would be a misdirection of her frustration. At the latest update, the woman said that Beth was not responding to her texts.