At their best, modern architects have been renowned for their boundary-pushing creativity. They have found ways to use odd but strikingly beautiful — even unforgettable — designs to capture and ravish the imagination. The best buildings in the modern style communicate an unmistakable sense of futuristic grandeur.

Architectural designer Milad Eshtiyaghi, following in this grand tradition, has recently unveiled a new design for a house that gives fresh meaning to the term “cliffhanger.”

Cliffhanger House

Eshtiyaghi’s design is called Mountain House, and it is intended to be built on a mountainside in British Columbia, Canada. Specifically, Eshtiyaghi wanted to create a house design that exemplified the traditional artistic virtues of beauty and creativity and yet did not damage or destroy the existing trees in the area.

He did this by literally making his house jut out of the side of a mountain.

More specifically, the house consists of a stack or series of boxes — arranged either vertically or horizontally, as required — that weave around the trees growing in the mountainside area and ultimately protrude from the mountainside, high above the waves of the sea below, in the daring and arresting “C” shape.

Moreover, the plan of the house reflects the idea of the multigenerational family living there. The lower level, known as “the son’s house,” is sectioned off from the rest of the house in such a way as to allow a son living there to have enough privacy for his own family with him and still remain close enough to where his parents are.

The house’s upper level, called “the father’s house,” is where the father, mother, and hypothetical son’s immediate family would live.

There is also a middle level designed to coordinate and unite the common activities of these two “houses” and to allow extended family members a space to do things as well.

Above all, the glass panels in all of Mountain House’s chambers and rooms preserve the wondrous view from the mountainside.

Glancing at images of the design, one cannot help but be impressed by its ingenuity. The sublime grandeur of such a house is simply undeniable.