Is Joe Biden knowingly and deliberately trying to stoke racial hatred in America and divide us all by race, or is his brain so dementia-addled at this point that he has simply become an empty vessel for far-left radicals to fill however they want?

Both possibilities are plausible. After all, even in his younger days, when he still had the ability to string a coherent sentence together, Biden was known as an empty vessel who would sway whichever way the wind blew and would adopt whichever position happened to be politically expedient at any given time. If Biden sees that woke leftism is popular or has powerful constituencies behind it, he will certainly kowtow to it for his own advantage.

On the other hand, Biden’s cognitive decline is just too obvious to ignore. Moreover, the idea that the only things that matter when hiring someone for a job are what their skin color is and what their sexual organs happen to be has become so prevalent in today’s America — especially in elite circles — that there is absolutely no question that Biden’s government is staffed to the brim with diversity hires.

It could well be that Biden has no idea what’s going on and that radical activists and gender studies majors are writing his speeches for him.

It seems fairly clear by now, however, that the answer to this question hardly matters.

Whichever of these alternatives happens to be true, the result is the same. Racial division is set to grow in America, and powerful interests — whether Biden himself or those behind him — certainly want this to happen.

Still, one of Biden’s recent speeches on this matter was so horrendous that it deserves to be singled out.

The Race Hustlers Are in Total Control Now

To set the stage for you a bit, keep in mind that according to a recent Rasmussen poll, 39% of Americans believe that race relations in America have significantly deteriorated since Biden supposedly “won” the 2020 election.

Now, recently, Biden gave a speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of a series of race riots that took place in that city against black people.

The most significant moment of the speech was a lie that was so brazen and ridiculous that it brings home in the starkest of ways just how fundamentally delusional America’s elites have become. During the speech, Biden said that “white supremacy” was the most dangerous facing America.

He said this after spending $6 trillion on mostly frivolous garbage under the guise of coronavirus relief spending. He also said after it has become increasingly likely that COVID-19 was manufactured in a Chinese virology lab, just as Donald Trump had said it was.

Of course, “white supremacists,” as ordinary people understand that term, barely even exist in America. Their numbers are, at most, somewhere in the low thousands, and the FBI and other organizations have long since infiltrated all of their groups.

But of course, the left’s definition of “white supremacy” now includes things like supporting voter ID laws and saying mean things on Twitter.

This is all utterly disgraceful, but as the ancient Greeks used to say, “Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.”