Yet again, the long-suffering city of Minneapolis is facing a police shooting and another set of protests.

This time, the spark that set off the flame was the police shooting of a 32-year-old local man named Winston Boogie Smith. Police shot and killed Smith after they allege that he pulled a gun on an officer.

Protests Began June 3

Bodycam footage of the shooting has not yet been released. Now that protesting has begun over this incident, there’s no doubt that it soon will be.

Some on the right feat that BLM and Antifa will distort the narrative. In their world, police just shoot and harass black people for no reason at all — or probably because of some sort of deep-seated racism on their part.

Black people are indeed arrested and shot by police in disproportionate numbers. This is why reform may be necessary. However, most police officials will say they are not unjustly persecuting blacks. After all, there is no good reason to expect that blacks, or any other group, would be arrested or shot by police in numbers that precisely match their share of the total population. The only reason to expect this would be if the police arrested or shot people totally at random — which, of course, they do not do. The police arrest criminals — people who have committed, or are accused of committing, crimes.

And that, ultimately, is the key to this whole issue. Once one adjusts for black crime rates, the alleged racial disparity in police shootings almost completely disappears.

In fact, when one makes a proper apples-to-apples comparison — such as comparing the percentage of people killed by the police who are black to the percentage of murderers who are black — one can almost draw the conclusion that police show extraordinary restraint in their dealings with black people.

But again, BLM and Antifa don’t want to hear about this. They want to scream, complain, riot, loot, destroy stores like CVS, set fires in the street and just generally cause chaos. They also definitely don’t want to hear that Winston Boogie Smith had a rap sheet a mile long, having been previously arrested multiple times for aggravated robbery.

Rebecca Brannon’s Twitter videos show just a small portion of this looting and burning.

And this will all go on until people gather the courage to start telling the truth about crime and the black community.