Crippled by liberal authorities’ defunding, the police department of Asheville, North Carolina, has been forced to come up with a list of crimes its officers will no longer be responding to so they can actually react to more violent offenses!

In the same tweet from June 2, 2021, in which it announced the policy change, the Asheville Police Department also stated how the change was a direct result of the fact that a whopping total of 84 of its police officers had quit since January 1, 2020.

The changes to the police response policy in this city are coming as shocking evidence of the disastrous results caused by the “defund the police” movement.

Victims of “Defund the police”

Back in September 2020, the Asheville City Council voted 5-2 in favor of a police budget cut.

The proposed budget of $30.1 million has been reduced by $770,000, and now stands at about $29.3 million.

Luckily enough, the reduction was only 3%, as the protesters called for cutting the budget in half!

It’s hard to imagine the havoc that would happen considering that even a 3% defunding forced the local PD to just leave a wide range of crimes uninvestigated and therefore unpunished.

One word - Anarchy.

Yet, leftist protesters in Asheville and other US cities called for taking money from the police and redirecting it to support services, education, housing, etc.

Back in September 2020, Debra Campbell, the first black manager of Asheville hailed the “defund the police cut” as an “initial step” towards robbing law enforcement of its money and spending it on other things.

Campbell noted that more significant transformations of the police budget would require time since new structures would need to be put in place to carry out tasks usually performed by police officers.

Julie Mayfield, a councilwoman, sought to “assuage” the protesters’ narrative by stating that while those initial changes could be deemed “too slow”, in the end, the “change will come.”

The change is already here

And indeed it has, judging from the fact that a police department has been forced to choose what crimes to respond to, leaving the local public exposed – which at the end of the day may well be the ultimate goal of the defunding advocates.

A peek at the list of the Asheville PD shows its officers will not be responding to crimes such as theft worth under $1,000 with lacking information about a suspect (except in the cases of stolen firearms and vehicles); theft of items from a vehicle with lacking information about a suspect; scams, identity theft or fraud; harassment that is not life-threatening; simple assaults; and other minimal damage offenses.

Those are just some from a substantially longer list.

Anti-police sentiments across the nation, pushed by radical leftists and certain businesses, including toilet paper and ice cream producers who have echoed their messages, became our new reality.

Defund the police proponents are obviously oblivious to the fact that society without the police equates to anarchy.

Anarchy, however, is a temporary condition because eventually, sooner rather than later, the strong do rise to conquer and dominate the weak in a new order that is nowhere near what the stated goals of justice imply.

Luckily, not all of North Carolina is left-leaning.

The state’s Surry County has banned Coca-Cola for the company’s opposition to the Georgia election reform bill.

The resistance is alive, however, lots of cities and communities across the nation seem bound to suffer tremendously from damage yet to be caused by defunding advocates.