Conservative Steven Crowder Moves Show to Rumble

Media host Steven Crowder announced on Thursday that his “Louder with Crowder” program will now be available on Rumble. The announcement came on Crowder’s YouTube program. The conservative host had just returned to the video platform giant after weeks of being banned.

Details or Rumble Switch

According to Crowder, the videos of his shows are already available on Rumble. However, he expects to be able to also live stream using the platform within a few weeks.

Rumble is an emerging video streaming platform that exploded in 2020 as more people looked to alternative ways to watch their favorite content.

Rumble prides itself on not censoring conservative hosts, as has been more common in recent years by other platforms.

YouTube Ban

Crowder was slapped with the temporary three-week ban from YouTube after receiving what the platform deemed a “hard strike.” Crowder said that he still has not received clarification about why he was banned. The only thing that YouTube told him was that the ban was triggered after he violated the platform’s harassment, threats, and cyberbullying policy. No further clarification was provided.

Another hard strike will result in a permanent ban for Crowder.

Crowder Counteracts

As a result of the ban, Crowder announced on May 17 that he is suing YouTube because of what he says are practices and policies that are designed to silence the conservative movement.

The injunction is intended to prevent YouTube from deplatforming Crowder and others. Crowder said that censorship is not just about him. Instead, it is about the broader conservative voice and how big tech has been able to flex its power to mute these opinions.